‘VENT-ordningen’ – The ventilation scheme

[gap height=”10″] The ventilation scheme is offering service inspections, performed by certified companies.
Technicians employed within the certified companies are specialists with a high technical knowledge obtained through training and having passed the ventilation scheme exam (VENT exam).
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  • The ventilation scheme is a nationwide scheme for companies and technicians, who has passed the ventilation scheme education and become certified.
  • The ventilation scheme works to promote that the member companies are specially qualified to preform service on ventilation systems according to the ventilations scheme guidelines.
  • A ventilation scheme company (VENT company) must fulfill certain qualifications and is specialized in optimizing ventilation systems. All ventilation scheme companies and their local branches are inspected frequently according to internal regulations, whereby service reports are checked for systematic errors etc.
[gap height=”10″] The ventilation scheme is administrated by committee of representative from FAV – The association of the ventilation companies, TEKNIQ – The Danish mechanical & electrical contractors association, Danish Energy Agency, EnergyForum Denmark, FRI – The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, Danish Regions, The Danish Building and Property Agency, and Technological Institute. A secretariat is set up to administer the ventilation scheme.
[gap height=”30″] VENT Service
[gap height=”10″] VENT Service is conducted according to a defined checklist in order to secure all relevant parts of the ventilation system has been measured and inspected. After service, the customer receive a service report documenting how the system is performing, on these parameters:
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  • Air flow measured and assessed
  • All technical data regarding pressure measured and assessed
  • Errors and omissions
  • Other errors and omissions that could render negative impact on operating the system
  • Proof of conducted stop, frost and fire test of the ventilation unit
  • Assurance of that all points in the VENT Service has been conducted and checked
  • Furthermore a VENT label will be put on the ventilation unis to display when the last service was conducted